BLACKPINK’s Lisa becomes a “ROCKSTAR” in her comeback MV

    Lisa of BLACKPINK has once again captivated the hearts of fans worldwide with her new single and MV for ‘ROCKSTAR‘. Lisa has transformed into an unconventional rock star in her comeback music video, showcasing her impressive rapping skills and energetic vocals.


    Lisa’s unrivaled presence in ‘ROCKSTAR’ MV

    In the music video for ‘ROCKSTAR’, Lisa showcases her unrivaled presence and undeniable talent. Filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, the video pays homage to Thai culture and everyday life, adding a unique and personal touch to the visuals. Lisa’s spectacular choreography and confident demeanor take center stage, as she effortlessly commands the screen with her charisma and stage presence. The music video has sparked enthusiastic responses from fans who are amazed by Lisa’s transformation into a genuine rock star.

    Collaboration with OneRepublic Producers

    However, one of the standout features of ‘ROCKSTAR‘ is Lisa’s collaboration with Ryan Tedder and Sam Homaee, members and producers of the popular American pop rock band OneRepublic. Their expertise and creative input have significantly enhanced Lisa’s vocal delivery, adding depth and dimension to the song. The track showcases the dynamic and unforgettable listening experience created by the synergy between Lisa and the producers.


    Lisa’s Musical Evolution

    ‘ROCKSTAR’ marks a new chapter in Lisa’s musical journey, as it is her first release since establishing her independent label LLOUD Company and signing a partnership with RCA Records, a label under Sony Music. This strategic move allowed Lisa to explore her artistic vision, leading to the creation of ‘ROCKSTAR’ and other exciting projects.

    The Impact of ‘ROCKSTAR’

    With the release of ‘ROCKSTAR’, Lisa has once again proven why she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her unapologetic and fearless approach to music has garnered worldwide admiration for her authenticity and artistic integrity. ‘ROCKSTAR’ showcases Lisa’s artistic growth, her ability to reinvent herself while maintaining her authenticity. As the music video gains traction and accolades, Lisa’s status as a rock star solidifies, cementing her industry legacy.

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