BTS’ Jimin brightens up the track video shoot with “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco)”

    Jimin of BTS recently released photo sketches and a video shoot from his pre-released single “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band (feat. Loco),” and fans couldn’t be more excited to see the behind-the-scenes of the track shoot. Jimin’s bright and lovely energy truly shines through in the photos, adding a magical touch to the entire production.


    “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band” BTS

    In the behind-the-scenes video released on BTS’ official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV‘, Jimin introduces himself as the vocalist in the Smeraldo Garden Marching Band. He expresses his satisfaction with the beautiful stage set with warm colors, reminiscent of a fantastical fairy tale world. Jimin’s musical-like feel, combining perfect live vocals, attractive visuals, and cute dances, immediately captured everyone’s attention.

    Creating a Positive Atmosphere on Set

    Jimin works in a friendly and happy atmosphere, showing respect and consideration to everyone involved in the production. He engages with the child dancers appearing in the introduction, playing rock-paper-scissors with them, and affectionately inquiring about their activities. Throughout the filming, Jimin repeatedly emphasizes the importance of everyone involved, creating a harmonious environment on set.


    A Song Close to Jimin’s Heart

    Jimin reveals that “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band” is a song he worked on before any other, and it holds a special place in his heart. He shares that the song came out smoothly because he was happy while in the US, making it his favorite track. Jimin wanted to showcase the stage as he imagined, and he is excited it turned out as he hoped.

    Embracing Fan Preferences

    After completing filming, Jimin expresses his satisfaction, stating that the stage couldn’t get any better. He crafted the song while considering what elements fans would love, focusing on showcasing the cutest and most lovable aspects of BTS. Jimin’s dedication to creating a performance that resonates with fans shines through in every aspect of the production.

    Enjoy the Magic of “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band”

    As Jimin says, “I made this song while thinking only of the elements that you guys would like,” inviting fans to enjoy the enchanting world of “Smeraldo Garden Marching Band.” The video showcases Jimin’s talent, creativity, and genuine passion for bringing joy to fans through his music. Dive into the behind-the-scenes video and witness Jimin’s infectious energy light up the screen.

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