MAMAMOO celebrates 10th anniversary with heartfelt messages and memories

    MAMAMOO, consisting of members Solar, Moon Byul, Whee In, and Hwasa, recently celebrated their 10th anniversary since debuting on June 19, 2014. The group took to their official social media to share a heartfelt message with their fans, expressing their gratitude and reminiscing on the journey they have had together.


    Solar reflects on the journey

    Leader Solar couldn’t believe that it has been a decade since MAMAMOO debuted. She mentioned that she has known the members for about 13 years, including their trainee period. Solar expressed her appreciation to the loyal Moomoos who have been with them since the beginning, stating that their support is what has kept MAMAMOO going strong. She also shared her hopes for creating more unforgettable memories in the future with their fans.

    Moon Byul’s gratitude towards fans

    Moon Byul, known for her charismatic presence in the group, expressed her gratitude towards the fans who have walked alongside them for the past 10 years. She mentioned how it is surprising yet heartwarming to have a deep connection with the fans, where they can understand each other without having to say a word. Moon Byul’s heartfelt message showcased the special bond between MAMAMOO and their dedicated fanbase.


    Whee In’s emotional reflection

    Whee In’s soulful vocals evoked the emotions of spending a decade with her fellow members and fans. She mentioned how laughter has been a significant part of their journey, and she feels moved by the memories they have created under the name ‘MAMAMOO’. Whee In’s sincerity resonated with fans since day one, demonstrating mutual appreciation between the group and their supporters.

    Hwasa’s affection for the members

    Hwasa, renowned for her distinctive style, shared her thoughts on the past decade with her group members. She cherished the moments they have shared, highlighting how they understand each other’s sense of humor and strive to make each other laugh. Hwasa’s affection towards her bandmates was evident in her message, reflecting the strong bond and camaraderie within MAMAMOO.


    As MAMAMOO celebrates their 10th anniversary, they also teased fans with upcoming content titled ‘Mama No Plan’ on their official YouTube channel. The group captivates audiences with talent, charisma, and unity, proving why they are a beloved K-pop act.

    MAMAMOO Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Heartfelt Messages and Memories

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