Dreamcatcher reveals lyric spoiler for title track “JUSTICE” from 10th mini album ‘VirtuouS’

    Dreamcatcher recently released a lyric spoiler video for their 10th mini album ‘VirtuouS‘ title track ‘JUSTICE’, and fans are already buzzing with excitement. The title track ‘JUSTICE’ is already gaining attention for its powerful and empowering lyrics, as shown in the spoiler video.


    Dreamcatcher ‘JUSTICE’ lyric spoiler

    In the lyric spoiler video for ‘JUSTICE’, Dreamcatcher showcases poignant lyrics such as ‘Push them all together and lock them up / There’s no more sin / It can’t be repeated’. The striking red typography used to display these lyrics adds to the intensity of the message, hinting at the strong beliefs and themes that Dreamcatcher will explore through their title track. The bold lyrics set the stage for a powerful and impactful song that resonates with listeners.

    ‘VirtuouS’: The final chapter in Dreamcatcher’s parallel world series

    Dreamcatcher’s 10th mini album, ‘VirtuouS’, features the final chapter in their two-part parallel world series, with the title track ‘JUSTICE’. Following ‘VillainS’, where they explored the power of the ‘crown’, Dreamcatcher will showcase their determination and resilience in ‘VirtuouS’. The upcoming album will reveal a new side of the group, with a complete turnaround from their previous concepts.


    Release date and excitement

    With the release of the lyric spoiler video for ‘JUSTICE’, fans are eagerly anticipating the album drop on the 10th. Dreamcatcher’s “VirtuouS” will offer a distinctive and captivating listening experience with powerful vocals, captivating visuals, and thought-provoking themes. The group’s talent to surprise and engage the audience makes this comeback highly anticipated in the K-pop world this year.

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